Phil and Keely: 1.4 “They’re My Stupid”

Last time with the Diffys, Cookie learned to walk, talk, and use the potty!


Now he needs to master the blocks and xylophone toys and read the rest of the toddler books.

Cookie: “Eeeee…blocks.”

Let’s continue!

 Lots of reading to be had.

 And even more now as we have enough money to buy the rest of the toddler books.

 Frankie: “But an interview sounds soooo boring!”

(I did not make Frankie Goth, download him here)

 Keely: “…please?”

 Keely: “We’re both friendly!”

 Frankie: “In that case, I’ll give you an interview!”


 Cookie can read books all by himself.  🙂

 Cookie: “Give a mouse a cookie?? Hahaha!”

 Phil: “Blech! The stench is transferring onto my hair!”

 Keely: “Coooooookie!!”

 Keely: “COOKIE WOKE ME UP!!!!”

 Keely: *extreme gorilla face*

 Uhh Phil?

 Phil: “Mmmmfffguuhh”

 Phew, your face is fine.

Phil: “Aaaaahhh!!!! My eye!!”

 Cookie: “Mama and Daddy are stupid!”

 Cookie: “But they’re my stupid.”

 Chance: “Why won’t my hair load?”

Phil: “Uhh I’m hungry…”

 So I thought Phil could bum some food off these girls, but every time he sat down he didn’t have the option to eat.  >:I

 Phil: “I want food raAAAWWrrr!”

Uhh you can just go home then.

 Phil: “I ate and now I’m TIRED.”

Ok we’re just waiting for Cookie to finish that book so you can put him to bed.

 Phil: “Lalala I’m going to bed.”


 Cookie: “I’m tired, no more book.”

Fine.  -_-

 And now the Diffys finally have enough money for me to add wallpaper and windows to the house.

 The environment does not improve Keely’s cooking.

 Even the whipped cream(?) is burnt!

Keely: *glares*

 While Cookie is reading…

 …Keely and Phil take advantage of his distraction.

 Chance: “I’m not taking any interviews until my hair loads.”

 Fine then. She’ll interview Carla Dean. (not made by me, find her here)

 Keely: “That’s a pretty dress–”

Carla: “UM why are you flirting with me?!!”

But…I found it under her schmoozer trait stuff!

 Keely: “Whaaa I didn’t mean it that way! I thought it would be a friendly interaction!”

 Keely: “Sorrysorrysorry…”

Carla: “Ok ok, I guess it was just a mistake. You can have an interview, by the way.”

 CARLA. THOSE GESTURES. Seriously, stop.

 Carla: “Excuse me? This is a private conversation.”

Keely: “Just ignore her. Go on, your words here are anonymous, promise!”

 I put this awesome club in the town (from modthesims here). So Phil went to see it.

 Since both his parents are out, Cookie needs a babysitter. This is Brie.

 They seem to be fine.

 Phil moonlights.

 Keely and Carla joined him there.

 Keely: “Dancing is fun!”

 Keely: “Yeah!”

 Keely: “I’M HUNGRY!”

We don’t have money for the bar food!

 Whatever, she and Carla still had a good time.

 Phil: “I’m out.”

The popup said he made 166 simoleons, but nothing was added to the funds!  >:I

 Well the parents are coming home, better act like you’re taking care of Cookie.

Brie: “But I really am taking care of Cookie!”

 Brie: “I’ve been taking care of Cookie this whole time.”

So what are you doing now??

 Brie: “Is that…a picture? This place is so nicely decorated.”

 Yaaay it’s the last day of Cookie’s toddler stage.

 Cookie: “This is the last time, highchair! I’m never sitting on you again!!!”

 I like this pic, it has the whole family.  🙂

 Phil did this without me telling him to! I am so proud!

 Cookie completed all his training, skills, and books, so the family went down to a playground-type park I built.

 Halloween themed, I guess.  😛

 Meanwhile Keely is playing Gnubb.

 Ha, Jason doesn’t stand a chance.

 Phil: “Keely, we’re heading home!”

Keely: “I’ll be there as soon as Jason admits defeat!”

 It was actually pretty close.

 Keely still won though.  😀

 The next day is birthday party time for Cookie. The Shmingles are the first to arrive.

 Then my sisters show up, and with more food!

 Karen: “This place is a MESS!” *gag*

Keely: “Karen, I’m working on it!”

 Whatever, time for the cake!

 Only Keely and Brie are out here. I think the other guests are too busy complaining about the mess and trying to mix drinks.  -_-

 Phil: “Blow out the candles with me!”


 Really Phil?

 Cookie: “Leap of faaaaaiiiiith!”

 Cookie: “I’m still alive.”  🙂

 Cookie grew up perfectly of course and added computer whiz to his traits.

Cookie: “I like dragons.”

Good, they’re on your jacket.  😀


Phil: “You should leave that to the…professionals?”

 Bethany: “Heheh…I’m sure nobody in this crowded room saw that.”

 Keely: “Birthday hug!”

 Cookie: “Everybody else has left…you guys are weird.”

Bruce Tang: “FLOWERPOTS!”

 Cookie’s bed is on the second floor, which is basically just a floor.

 First day of school. Make an A or I fail!!!

 Before I end the chapter, here’s Keely playing with the sprinkler.

 Keely: “Aaah water got in my face!”

Keely: “Oh, you sprinkler.”

Next time: Cookie works on homework and meets the other kids! Also baking.  🙂


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