Sansa: 9.11 “Not a Real Doctor”

Last time with the Diffys, we adopted a kitten, Cuddlywhiskers, had a party for Sansa’s birthday, and Princess Carolyn aged into a toddler. This time…


Cuddlywhiskers: “Meeeeooooooow!”


Sansa: “Is that Mr. Cuddlywhiskers in there? What are you doing?”


Cuddlywhiskers: *pokes Sansa with claws out*


Sansa: “Cuddlywhiskers! Bad kitty!”


Cuddlywhiskers: “Stop trying to look innocent.”


Cuddlywhiskers: “Everyone knows you’re a witch now.”


Princess Carolyn: *secrets revealed* “Maaaaa!”


Um, excuse me, but what are you doing on our balcony?!

Elmer Wolff: “Well, your door wasn’t locked…”

*sigh* Yep, I know the paparazzi will just walk in by now. But he even made it past the lobby and up the elevators, which is difficult even for Sims who are invited in!


Chloe: *Bark! Bark!*


Good girl, Chloe!


But that doesn’t get him to leave for good.

Elmer: “I wouldn’t think celebrities would have a leaky roof as bad as this…”

Alexander: “I’m too tired for this.”

Suck it up and get this creep out!



Elmer: “H-hey, what are you doing?!”


Alexander: “Take that!”



Elmer: “After all that, I think I deserve a picture or two.”

Alexander: “Nope, nope, nope! Get out or I’m calling the cops!”


Time for Cuddlywhiskers’ birthday.




Princess Carolyn learned to talk.


Sansa: “Fresh and clean Carolyn!”

Princess Carolyn: “Mama!”


Princess Carolyn: “Tickles.”


Alexander was told to do a vaccination session.


Douglas is his first victim patient.


I’m guessing Vivek is here to keep up appearances of how normal he is.


Alexander: “Wow, that was a bit tough.”


Alexander: “Guess you’ve got thick skin.”

Vivek: “Uh, I guess so.”


Go AWAY!!!!!!!!!



Sansa took Princess Carolyn on a trip to the library to get her TSAL going. She hasn’t learned to walk yet, but we’re saving that one for Alex because he wished for it.


Mush, mush!


So cute. ❤


Then this happened out front.


Percy Cassat kicked the bucket.

Brie: “Dad…”


This really shocked me. This is Rosalinda Cassat, Percy’s wife, who also experienced the sparklies a few seconds later, unfortunately in the library bathroom.


This is the second instance (that I know of) of a married/longtime couple dying on the same day, and even within seconds of each other, in my game. I can only assume that Percy and Rosalinda were madly in love to the end, like Tom and Gwen were, and couldn’t bear to live without each other.


This cat was really upset over it I’m guessing.


We’ll just ignore these events because we were at the library for a reason, dammit! That reason being skilling, of course.


Uh, just keep your head in that book, Princess Carolyn.


Do NOT look up.


Alexander wished to teach Chloe to shake, so he walked her over to the dog park to give her some attention.


Rhonda: “OWWWWW! My stomach hurts!!! Somebody help!”

That may be your hair stabbing into your abdomen…


Alexander: “Here, let me see what the problem is.”


Alexander: “Your heart is fine…”

Rhonda: “Yeah, it’s my stomach that’s hurting, actually.”


Alexander: “No headaches?”

Rhonda: “Uh, no.”


Rhonda: “Are you even a doctor?”

Alexander: “Uh, kind of. I work at the hospital.”


Alexander: “Here, take these antibiotics, and if you don’t start feeling better here’s Dr. Cassat’s card.”

Rhonda: “Thanks! I’ll definitely call the real doctor if I don’t feel better.”


Poor Chloe.

Now for some housekeeping:


Nik broke up with Marlana at some point and is now married to an old lady who already has two kids his age.


Jon Snow just aged up into an adult somehow. His aging is way behind Sansa’s.


Brienne and Beckett are still together and even got married.


Alex completed his wish.


Dog routing is pretty funky, especially in an apartment.


Wait, Alex, no! This is quite the traffic jam now.


You really just threw that potty waste baggie on the floor like a bomb.


Trash explosion!


Anyway, the reason for the cleaning and cooking is because it’s Spooky Day and we’re throwing a feast party!


Meet Clifton, who is already a child. He looks a lot like Eddy with Christine’s coloring.


He goes for the carrot cake that Sansa ended up making.


Christine is here.


And Vivek showed up, too.


Awwww, my little princess. ❤


Cuddlywhiskers, who I remember is shy and also independent, is not happy to see so many strangers.


The next day is Princess Carolyn’s birthday.



She gains the hot-headed trait, and also has the ability to make a pretty good fish face.


Princess Carolyn: “One slice, please.”


I just realized that these custom cakes don’t actually have a plate under them and it’s going to bother me now. >:I

Next time: Princess Carolyn is a child who can do things! And more vaccinations.

12 thoughts on “Sansa: 9.11 “Not a Real Doctor”

  1. These medical tools in Sims always creep me out! Cuddlywhiskers is super cute and so is Princess Carolyn. She’s pretty, too! I think at one point my Sims had the same wish to teach a toddler to do sth and one of them did and the other one’s wish was also guaranteed. No idea if it’s a bug or if you can really go with it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, they really poke the other sims a lot, it’s only because they react in a cartoony way that it isn’t really disturbing. D:

      I love Princess Carolyn, I think she looks a lot like Alex.

      Waaait, did both your sims wish to teach the same skill and when one of them did it both of them had it fulfilled? :O Definitely a glitch but a good one, lol!
      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sansa’s angry face is scary.

    Elmer is the reason why I have celebrity turned off in my game. Good that Alexander took care of him. But, then again; he did come back for some more of Alexanders magic.

    Carolyn is aging up to fast. She’s still cute though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! I wouldn’t mess with her.

      Yeah, if I were playing more seriously for story purposes, I would turn off celebrities. But I’m okay with some goofiness, and I could use his spells without feeling bad for innocent pixels!

      Yeah, there’s not as much going on with just one kid, so she’s growing up fast.
      Thanks for reading!


  3. Those paparazzi are so annoying! Having a witch to harass them with must be fun 😀

    Cuddlywhiskers is adorable and so is Princess Carolyn! I know I said the same thing in the last chapter, but it’s still true 🙂 Even after they botth aged up!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I finally caught up!!! *fanfare* Princess Carolyn is adorable and I love how she’s purpley like Princess Carolyn. 🙂

    Man, it’s crazy that you’re so close to the end. I’ll be sad when it ends… what are your plans?? Will you be starting a new random legacy?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! ❤ That's true, she's close to the character's color. :O

      I don't think I'll be doing another random legacy, at least not right away. I have a few other challenges that I really want to try. 😀
      Thanks for reading/catching up! 🙂


  5. (i’ve just decided to roll with a “diving straight back in” approach to legacies and reading them)
    Damn I wasn’t even going to comment about you being near the end, but you really are! Dayum! What are your plans?

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA CAT! Now THESE are the Diffys i know and love, cats and people dying on most outings and at parties xD

    Princess Carolyn is a cutie ❤

    You know…. That cake…. With no plate…….. Isn't very….. Hygienic (I'm just trying to bug you more don't mind me, tbh I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't say anything xD)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (Honestly I have trouble keeping up with all the blogs/stories I’m following without even taking a hiatus D:)
      Currently I’m planning on playing through until gen 11 kids are grown and I’ve achieved a side goal that I’ve set for myself. Then I’ll start blogging some new challenges. 😀

      I know!!! I’m really tempted to lengthen the cat life span because Cuddlywhiskers is growing up too fast for me, and I’ve been contemplating kittens.

      The cake just doesn’t look right! And I really didn’t notice at first either, but now it’s annoying. >:I

      Thanks for reading! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. You can get plates and then use OMSP to put the plate under the cake, if it really bothers you! 😀
    Ah, sim routing traffic jams. Thankfully something I don’t come across with SOL xD Only because I control every aspect of their lives, mwahahah.
    Princess Carolyn is a cutieeee!
    tbh if I was a cat I wouldn’t like too many strangers in my house either!


  7. Oh my gosh, Cuddlywhiskers is so adorable! That first shot in that fish is just so darn cute. ❤ Of course, Princess Caroline is also really cute. She's looks quite a bit like her dad, doesn't she? It took me a minute to remember what TSAL stood for, but once I did it cracked me up again. XD So important not even Grim speaching dramatically in the next room can interrupt her.

    That. That routefailing. That right there is the reason I almost never play with pets anymore, even though I adore them to bits.

    PS: Can you remember where you got those custom cakes? They're really cool, even if there is no plate. XD


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