Aidan: 6.5 “Birthdays for Days”

Last time with the Diffys, Aidan and Wanda decided they would take their relationship to a romantic level, but Aidan was miffed about a past romantic interest that Wanda had. Wanda broke things off with the previous interest, oh, and we welcomed Ben as our first generation seven baby! This time…

Let’s start off with a few townie updates. First, Jane is still stuck in her hotdog costume. Also, her and Wendy’s daughters are teens now! Unfortunately, Wendy has passed away at this point.

Jane and Audrey Shear took their partners’ passings as the green light to finally go at it.

 Suzanna is the one with Jane’s purple hair and light brown eye color, and Wendy’s facial features.

 And Katrina is the one with Wendy’s hair, eye color, nose, and mouth, and Jane’s eyes.

 And this is Emmie and Charles’ oldest, Brandi, who just aged up and started a career in sports.

Back to your regularly scheduled program:

 Emily came out to keep watch over her new great-great-grandson.

 It’s not long before Ben’s birthday rolls around and a party is thrown for him.

 Aidan: “Birthday time!”

 I guess I didn’t buy a cake because…I don’t know.

 Ben ended up with Aidan’s hair and skin color, Wanda’s eye color, and Wanda’s facial features.

 Thank you, person-stuck-in-the-floor, for telling everyone that today is snowflake day!

 We decided to go to the festival to celebrate. It was very overcast with all the snow.

 Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

 Not much for a toddler here…just go play in the snow.

 Aidan: “Glad that’s not our kid.”

Wanda: “I know; lucky for us Ben’s very well-behaved.”

 Aidan: “You remember how we met?”

Wanda: “Yep, just across the street there, and you asked me to build a snowman. Of course we’d seen each other at school, but never really introduced ourselves until then.”

 Wanda: “So weird that we have a son now, but people never really can guess how their lives will end up.”

 Ben really is happy just watching his parents.

Or maybe he’s actually hatching a diabolical plan. Yikes.

 When she moved into the household, Wanda brought along this witch gnome. Not sure if I mentioned it yet, but her mother, Caroline, is literally a witch. Wanda, despite her witch-ey name, is not.

 Aidan: “Snowflake day means mistletoe, and it just wouldn’t be right to neglect that part of the holiday.”

 Wanda: “If we must.”

Look what I discovered while clicking on the mistletoe! One of these is a walking, talking, Wanda. The other is our stuck-in-the-floor culprit! A clone of Wanda, for some reason.

 I’m getting a little sick of you two kissing.

 Not really, it’s pretty cute.

 Wanda: “I know that we have had a bit of a rocky beginning, but…I hope that you know I wouldn’t trade it to be with anyone else.”

Aidan: “I know what you mean. It was worth it to be with you, and to have Ben.”

 Ok, unfortunately I have some bad news now:

Jane died. ;-;

But she proved to be a responsible parent to the end. Katrina and Suzanna moved in with Kim before her passing.

 Juanita Morgan is sad because Wanda’s brother and her recently divorced, while she is pregnant.

 Aidan: “I get sad when I have to go outside during allergy season, too, but my boss makes me do it. But, allergies are pretty much year-round for me, so I just have to deal with it. By staying inside as much as possible, of course.”

I’ve seen her future in story progression, and she and Randolph remarried after not too long.

 Whoops, your mom had to take a quick bathroom break, and I mean quick!

Wanda: “I’ll be right back after I vomit.”

 I hope you washed your hands.

 Aidan: “My mom just texted me that she wants to come for dinner, so I’m gonna get something whipped up.”

To fulfill live your trait, Aidan has been reading a lot of recipes because I want someone to be able to cook.

Wanda: “Ok, I’ll just go change clothes.”

 Kim: I should change my profile pic on SimBook. It’s just too fake happy.

Yeah, you look pretty dumb in that thought bubble.

 Wanda: “Hi, Mrs. Diffy! Glad you decided to stop by.”

 Aidan: “Hey Mom. I know Dad passed away a few days ago. Not long after Aunt Jane. I really hope that you’re taking care of yourself. And that Suzanna and Katrina are ok.”

 Kim: “I guess I’m just still in shock. Sorry.”

Aidan: “Look, I am too. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been pretending that it didn’t even happen, but we have to face our feelings at some point.”

Kim: “It’s fine. Let’s eat.”

 Kim: “I notice that your girlfriend is wearing some baggier clothes than usual. Is there another grandbaby coming soon?”

 Aidan: “We haven’t had time to talk about that stuff since my work schedule is so busy.”

Kim: “Well, you apparently have time for some things.”

Aidan: *sip*

 Wanda: “I need more food! Also, why is the food up here but my bed downstairs! Those stairs are killing my feet! Do we have ice cream?!”

Kim: “If those aren’t the cries of a pregnant woman, then I’m not Star News Reporter: Kim Diffy.”

Aidan: “You take every opportunity to mention that.”

Kim: “I worked hard to be where I am!”

Soon it’s time for Ben’s next birthday:

 Thanks for bringing the cookies!

 Emmie: “It’s time to get crunk! Tania knows what I’m talking about, she showed up drunk.”

Tania Beaker-Smith: “The last 24 hours has been a blur…”

 Aidan: “We have cake this time.”

Congrats on being a good parent.

 Emmie: “Nooo I don’t want to break the seal.”

Your eyebrows are such angles, much art.

 Puddy: “I don’t trust that Randy guy.”

You’re being pretty shifty yourself, Puddy.

 Aaaahh!!!! When I saw this in-game I really did laugh out loud! Mad duckface going on. 10/10.

 Oh, you’re normal now.

 Bye Jeramie!

It’s been a while since Jeramie’s partner died, and since then he’s started a relationship with Bambi Nair, one of Kim’s coworkers, and they had a kid.

Emmie: “Awesome kids birthday party. 100 points. I put it in my top five.”

That’s not creepy.

 Aidan: “You can do this, baby!”

 The lure of sweet desserts is too much, though. You’re on your own having a home birth, now.

 Marty Cassat: “Aidan, your girlfriend’s giving birth and I don’t know what to do!”

Aidan: “Sit down, have some cake, and go home.”

Stuck Wanda: “I wonder if I’ll ever achieve my dream of being a superstar actor.”

 Wanda: “The pain is giving way to something…else.”

 Wanda: “Oh myyyy.

She looks like she’s experiencing an orgasmic birth.

Welcome the second child of the seventh generation, Andy Diffy, named after Andy Dwyer. He was born a grumpy outdoorsman and his favorites are dark wave, fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and green.

Next time: We’ll see Suzanna and Katrina as young adults, Andy will have his birthday into a toddler, and more.

4 thoughts on “Aidan: 6.5 “Birthdays for Days”

  1. It would have been perfect if you had called Andy Ron instead with those traits haha.
    I can’t believe there’s a sneaky Wanda stuck in the floor!
    Aidan being so blase while his wife gives birth was amazing. Just a normal day, eat more cake, yum!
    So sad that everyone is dying though! :c

    Liked by 1 person

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