Aidan: 6.3 “Grumpy Friends”

Last time with the Diffys, Thad started a garden, we had a leisure day pool party, and ended with Aidan waiting for Margarita. This time…

Aidan: “I wonder if something happened to her…”

 Then we found out she’s a no-show.

 Wanda: “Aidan?”

 Wanda: “What are you doing here all dressed up?”

Aidan: “I thought I was meeting Margarita, but she texted me that she can’t make it.”

 Wanda: “Well, you know she’s dating Jack Torrance-McGinnis? And they recently got engaged.”

 Aidan: “Well, I had heard that they might be dating, but I didn’t know personally.”

Wanda: “Do you not check SimBook?”

Aidan: “I haven’t had too much free time lately…”

 Wanda: “Well, since you’re all ready to go, would you mind if I joined you for lunch?”

Aidan: “No way! I’m so hungry, let’s go!”

 In the outdoor dining area, we find Andrew talking to himself.

 Andrew: “Yeah the whole Mac vs. PC thing…I don’t want to get into a huge debate, but…”

 Of course Aidan picks the table right smack next to him.

 Wanda: *whisper* “Is he going to stare at us this whole time?”

Aidan: *whisper* “Don’t look him in the eye.”

 Aidan: “We haven’t really talked since we both aged up. How are things for you lately?”

 Wanda: “I’m quitting as a professional actor, and I don’t know what I want to do in life.”

Lovely start.

 Aidan: “Really? You seemed to love acting when we were teens.”

Wanda: “Yeah, but that was just for obnoxious bragging rights, and I don’t want to be that way anymore.”

 Wanda: “Besides, I’ve seen myself on TV, and I wasn’t very good. Only reason I started acting was because my mom is a director, and pushed me so much to do auditions. I honestly feel like I lost something by doing that so young. You remember how late I’d stay at work.”

 Aidan: “Yeah, I once waited at your house a full hour and a half when your brother wouldn’t let me in.”

Wanda: “Randy’s still pretty immature. I’d say he takes after our mother.”

 Aidan: “Is she really that bad?”

Wanda: “Probably not from the outside looking in, but I hate living with her. I don’t even mind my stepfather; he’s too good for her, really. But now she’s pregnant and she still tries to micromanage the household, and makes crazy demands.”

 Ah. I see Andrew is not really crazy, but talking to someone who is stuck in the cement.

Floor: “So you single?”

 Aidan: “Maybe you should just move out.”

Wanda: “I’d love to! But with finishing up my last acting contracts, I haven’t had too much free time. They are really trying to get as much from me while they can.”


Him being shoe-less makes him look extra crazy. xD

 Aidan: “I hope you don’t think it was time wasted spent with me, then.”

Wanda: “Oh, no! I enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me vent a little.”

 Oh. My. Goodness.

 The floor apparently got sick of Andrew’s ranting and left the conversation to read a book.

Floor: “Books are always better than the movie, duh.”

 Wanda: “Time flies. This was fun.”

 Aidan: “I’m really glad we ran into each other. Would you want to hang out more often?”

 Wanda: “Yeah. This made me miss when we were friends.”

Wanda: “You’ve got my number.”

I love when the cats play in bathtubs.

Mr. Pickles: “That started as a game, and ended with water.” *shudder*

 The next day Aidan visits Wanda after work (they moved when her mother remarried).

 And there is the afore-mentioned Caroline Bingley, sister of Emmie’s husband Charles Bingley. She is based on the character from Pride and Prejudice, so she is actually mean-spirited, but I don’t remember her other traits.

 Wanda does not appreciate her presence.

 Wanda: “Is she really just going to stand there?”

 Wanda: “Grrrr.”

Aidan: “Wanda, I think I just realized something.”

 Caroline: “Are you starting dinner soon?!”

Wanda: “No Mom! My friend Aidan is here now.”

 Aidan: “Are you a grumpy person?”

Wanda: “Yes, how did you know?”

 Aidan: “Takes one to know one, haha!”

 Wanda: “Nice! We have something in common.”

 Aidan: “Hey, I’ve got a serious question for you, something I was thinking about last night.”

 Aidan: “Would you like to move into my house? Not in a creepy way or anything, I just want to help you out.”

Wanda: “Really? Are you sure?”

 Aidan: “Yes! It wouldn’t be a problem.”

Wanda: “Then I’d love to!”

 So Wanda is joining the household. Her traits are: slob, grumpy, irresistible, artistic, and neurotic. I love neurotic Sims! They remind me of Phil from the first generation. Her favorites are soul, grilled salmon, and red.

 Aidan: “Hey, Mom, don’t be mad at me, but–”

 Aidan: “–I invited Wanda to live here. She said yes.”

Kim: “Oh, well, that’s fine.”

 Kim: “Are you guys, um, together?”

 Aidan: “No, we’re just really good friends and missed spending time together.”

Kim: “We’ll see how long this ‘just friends’ thing lasts. This could be funny.”

Aidan: “Ugh, really.”

 I used another LTW change reward on Thad since he wished to retire. He is now wishing for the Perfect Mind, Perfect Body since athletic and logic are his highest skills, although I don’t have too much hope in completing this so late in his life.

 He did find a meteor, though!

On her first day in the house, Wanda helps tend to the garden.

 Wanda: “So do you like being a police officer?”

Aidan: “Definitely! I really feel like I’m making the community a safer place, and my partner is really cool; we were both snitches together.”

 Wanda: “Snitches? Like working with drug dealers and going undercover? That’s really brave.”

Aidan: “It’s all worth it to protect the people. So…how do you like the house so far?”

 Wanda: “It’s great! Your house is really big and spacious, but it still feels comfortable and lived in. I picked the nice orange and white bedroom to sleep in last night. I love being able to look out the window and see the ocean.”

Aidan: “Yeah, that’s one of my favorite parts about this house, too.”

 Wanda: “I hope your parents don’t mind me being here. I wouldn’t want them mad at me; they seem very nice and friendly.”

Aidan: “They are nice and friendly; that’s why they don’t mind. I told my mom about it last night, and she barely gave it a thought. Besides, my Aunt and her girlfriend used to live here, and it’s felt a little empty since they moved out.”

 Wanda: “In that case, they must just be waiting for some grandchildren to fill the house with! Ha!”

Aidan: “Hey, don’t pressure me, ok? I’m just glad my parents haven’t started those kinds of hints yet.”

 Aidan: “None for grandchildren, at least.”

Wanda: “I’m sure they’re holding out hope, though. All parents do.”

 UM. WHAT are you doing in here?!

 Runaway Papz: “Your door was unlocked, so…”


 Runaway Papz: “I can’t believe celebrities have such a terribly cat-scratched sofa.”

Thad: “Yes, yes. We all hate it.”

Thad: “Now WHAT are you DOING in my HOUSE?!”

Runaway Papz: “Gathering information, of course. My readers want to know why the young Wanda Bingley, teen actress and daughter of famous director Caroline Bingley, is now spending the night in the home of star ghost reporter Kim Diffy, and cozying up to her son.”

Thad: “I’m a celebrity, too.” ;_;

Runaway Papz: “Yes, yes, you had some success before retirement.”

Thad: “I also saved you from dying in a fire, so there’s that.”

Runaway Papz: “That’s last week, now moving on to what’s happening this week.”

Ok, I’m done with you two.

Next time: Aidan and Wanda will continue spending lots of time together; will Kim’s prediction come true?

5 thoughts on “Aidan: 6.3 “Grumpy Friends”

  1. I like Wanda! I agree–neurotic sims are fun. I try to avoid giving it as a trait tho because otherwise all of my sims would neurotic. XD Also, I’m not sure I agree with Kim–I think Aidan and Wanda are going to stay friends.

    That Paparazzo is so annoying! You should have let her burn. >:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I don’t think of the neurotic trait as being “negative” because it just gives your sims more character. But Wanda’s neurotic-ness doesn’t really show too much. She doesn’t bother with it.

      I agree! I mean, Thad had to try at least once out of the goodness of his heart, but after that I did mean to let her burn! But she keeps coming back.


  2. “Floor: “So you single?”” LMAO. That floor. Sims glitches can be so funny.
    I can’t believe the paparazzo came into the house! I didn’t think that was possible. Shows how much I actually play the game, oops.
    I wonder if Aidan will end up with Wanda after all. I mean, apparently the other girl is engaged? Story progression is so helpful… not 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, some of these glitches are just too funny. xD

      I guess she really did come in just because the door was unlocked? Still kind of confused about that.

      Story progression is so unhelpful sometimes. Thanks, Twallan! No, really, thank you, Twallan. I really appreciate it.

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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