Kim and Jane: 5.16 “Happy Holidays”

Last time with the Diffys, Aidan aged into a child, with many parties and pregnancies during those parties. Jane and Emmie had a *super serious* conversation about feelings, and Emmie gave her a flashdrive full of old photos. This time…

Kim: “Now Aidan, I’ll help you with your homework, but you will have to do all the actual work yourself. It’s all about integrity.”

Aidan: “But I don’t like Frankenstein, Mom! I read the first two chapters and it already gave me the creeps! And now I have to fill out these question sheets…”

Kim: “Ah, Frankenstein; my father would’ve liked it for sure. Anyway, we’ll just read it together.”

So Kim’s laptop was broken, and I sent Jane to fix it. Then I saw that she left it without finishing the repair job, and sent her to fix it again. And found her like this:

Jane: “I stopped messing with this laptop the first time because it gave me a shock. It’s very old and was cheap in the first place. And how many ‘accidental’ deaths have you had in this legacy?”

Well, only two…three if you count both hottub deaths.

Jane: “BOTH hottub deaths???!”

Uh, moving on…

So…only 40 simoleons for that repair man?

Oh…oh my…

Oh myyy

This picture is just for the pretties of winter.

And this picture is because I got curious one time about how far out into the water you can go. And this right here is how far! And you can totally see the edge! Just like in The Truman Show! (BTW if you’ve never seen it, The Truman Show is an excellent movie. Also the video I linked contains spoilers).

At this point there were a few thousand simoleons saved up, so I used it to add some decor to the bedrooms:

Kim and Thad’s room.

Jane’s room (that yellow circle is a light).

Wendy’s room (hers is especially bare; she’s not much into decorating xD). Honestly just being able to add curtains to these rooms made them feel so much more complete.

And Emmie’s old room is now a game room (and later it becomes a sort of cat room).

 Kim, in all her glitchiness, disappeared for a while.

 This problem righted itself by the morning, I just think it’s hilarious that Thad’s about to woohoo with a skill bar. I guess he’s into that. 😛

Thad: “Kim? Are you in there? This bed haunting thing isn’t so sexy anymore, and my shoulders hurt in this position.”

 Jane: “It’s been a minute since we talked, girrrrl.”

 Jane: “Care for a hug?”

Wendy: “Jane, wait, there’s something that I have to tell you before anything else.”

 Wendy: “I’ve thought about other people…”

 Jane: “Bu–wha–”

 Wendy: “But my mind always comes back to you. I thought I couldn’t trust you, and I didn’t know if I wanted a relationship at all, but I’ve decided that I really do want you to be a part of my life. I can’t really help it; this is the way I feel now.”

Jane: “Oh.”

 Jane: “Well, there’s something you don’t know about me, and I suspect not many people do. I’m not only attracted to women, I’m attracted to men, too.”

 Wendy: “Oh, well, that doesn’t really matter to me. As long as our relationship is just between us.”

Jane: “Of course, Wendy. You’re the only one that I’m attracted to now.”

 Wendy: “I’ve actually been feeling guilty about that; I hope you aren’t too mad.”

Jane: “I’m not mad, In fact, you want to come down to my room? I’ve got a widget I’ve almost finished, and then we could talk some more.”

Wendy: “Let’s go.”

 Wendy: “So do you want to make ‘us’ official? Like on SimBook?”

 Jane: “Really? Yeah! I’m glad you trust me like that.”

Wendy: “I trust you completely.”

 With snow days ongoing, I sent Aidan out into the town to find friends. This is Wanda Bingley, Charles’ niece.

 Well aren’t you cute now.

Aidan: “Want to build a snowman?”

 Wanda: “Oooh I love that song! Come on let’s go and play…

Aidan: “Way to drive away what few readers we have…are you going to help?”

She did eventually.

 Yay kittens! The one on the left is Sally, and on the right is Nora. Traits not unknown but unremembered.

 Jane: “Oh look at the kitties!”

Whatever, Jane. You haven’t cared about cats since ever.

 Holiday party time!

 Isn’t this just a wonderful party? No one’s pregnant this time. (Hi Jeramie and Reg!)

 Oh…oh Bridgette.

 Thad is very sad. I’m rather uncaring, but this is ruining the party for me.

 Ami: “Bridgette’s dying! And she’s not much older than I am! Thank you for giving her a great party to send her out!”

 Aidan: “Grandma Bridge is dying!”

 Aidan: “Hey, I just remembered it’s my birthday! And my grandma’s dying…conflicting emotions…I might be stuck now…”

 Aidan: “She got a box? Well that’s depressing.”

Something about that box urn just reminds me of how different it might be if I’d chosen Bridgette instead of Maura for Salem. Oh, alternate dimensions.

 What? Not Ami! I really like Ami!

 Emmie: “I’ve seen Death many times before, and each time is worse than the last.”

I’m sorry that everyone’s so distracted, Ami.

Ami: “That’s ok. I’m not one for making big scenes.”

 Alright, everybody out! Party’s over!

 Later in the night, Cinnamon Bun makes an appearance.

 Cinnamon Bun: “I really like this. Emily needs to see it, too!”

C.B.! ;_;

Let’s end this with something positive: Wendy made her first friend through busking!

Welcome Regan Capp! Hope your ok with making a few appearances and wearing this!

Regan: *whispers* “Thank you.”

Next time: Aidan tries to make friends! If I can get him out of the house.

Aidan: “I’m NOT going to the park!”


7 thoughts on “Kim and Jane: 5.16 “Happy Holidays”

  1. ““Way to drive away what few readers we have…are you going to help?”” don’t break the fourth wall Aiden! Don’t do it!
    So many deaths ;_; I’m still amazed at how few accidental deaths I’ve had in game. I’ve never had a vending machine kill myself, OR a hot tub (didn’t know that was possible), only electrocution I think… A meteor did once almost hit one of my sims though. I managed to get him to run away in time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow, that picture does remind me of the Truman Show! Such a great movie. Roaring Heights is beautiful, too.

    Thad looks awfully happy about the skill bar. XD And you do seem to have an unlucky amount of random, accidental deaths. I’ve had like one meteor crash, and that’s it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That movie is just so good!

      Thad with the skill bar was hilarious to me!

      At least it was their time, and not some freak accident ending in an early death this time. >.>
      Ugh, I want to see a meteor!


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