Kim and Jane: 5.5 “Family History”

Last time with the Diffys, my pictures disappeared (still bitter), Salem made a clone of his mother, and Maura aged into an elder. This time…



Kim and Jane eat pancakes with their parents before they must return to university.


Kim: “So I’m going to be writing for the campus newspaper this semester. You should join a club, Jane!”

Jane: “Ehhh, I don’t think so.”


Maura: “The girls will probably move out after they get their degrees. I’ve been thinking…this might be the perfect time for us to buy a house, just us two.”

Salem: “You’d want to live alone with just me?”


Maura: “Of course I would; it’d be a nice change.”


Now it’s time for Kim and Jane to set off.


Cinnamon Bun: “We’ll miss you! Call often!”



I haven’t played with snow in a while, so I’m enjoying seeing it at university.



Jane: *click-ick*


Liz Tarry: “I love the faces you make; so cute!”


Walter Fullman: “Really? Two girls flirting it up here and I can’t even get one…”



Kim: “Ready for Ye’s party?”

Jane: “Guess so. I hope she has food.”


Ye Gangnam: “Really, Jane? You shouldn’t dig through people’s fridges. It’s just rude.”

Jane: “I could’ve gotten food if I hadn’t decided to come to the party that YOU invited me to. And there’s no pizza.”


Jane: “So I’ve been thinking between the hundreds of texts you’ve sent me.”

Ye: “I don’t send that many–”


Jane: “Look, we’re not serious. This was never serious. And I think you should stop acting like it is.”


Ye: “Why are you even saying this? You think that I have feelings for YOU?”


Jane: “Uh…yes?”


Ye: “I text and talk to you because I know what people think of you around here. I thought you could probably use any friend you got. Thanks for being ungrateful.”

Jane: “Sure, whatever makes you feel better, Ye.”


Kim: “HA, you’re all stuck in the door!”

Please remove your arm from your midsection. OH WAIT it doesn’t matter she’s intangible.



At the library. Studying?

Jane: “Don’t act so surprised. We study hardcore.”


Kim: “Hey, Jane, look at this. I found a really old video of our great-great-grandmother that Granddad told me about. She started as a student reporter for her high school.”


Jane: “Ha, she’s just a teenager! It’s weird to see an ancestor like that. Ok, fullscreen please.”


Keely: “Today’s top story: the results are in for yearbook voting. May I have the envelope, please?”


Keely: “Thank you, Phil.”


Keely: “In the category of cutest couple: Keely Teslow and Phil Diffy. What the–”


Keely: “In, uh, lunch, uh, for lunch…Keely Teslow and Phil Diffy?! Er, the end. The end.”


Phil and Keely: “Cutest couple?!”

Keely: “We do kind of hang out a lot. Together.”

Phil: “So someone could, mistakenly, think that we are…one of those things.”

Keely: “Yes, they definitely could. Mistakenly.”


Phil: “Unless…d-do you want to be a couple?”

Keely: “No. Do you?”

Phil: “Nooooo.”


Keely: “Yes.”

Phil: “Yes?”

Keely: “I do!”

Phil: “Me too! What are we supposed to do now?”


Keely: “I think we’re supposed to hug…or kiss…or something.”

Phil: “What do you suggest?”

Keely: “Kiss?”

Phil: “Cool.”


Keely: “Oh! Phil! I don’t want my first kiss to be in front of the entire school.”


Phil: “…right. Just on the cheek, then.”

Next time: Kim and Jane will finally graduate. Promise!

Note: The end scene with Phil and Keely is taken almost word-for-word from the last episode of Phil of the Future. So…spoilers? Although it was kind of obvious throughout the whole series. It’s an obscure reference, I know. I just loved that show when I was a teenager and the humor still makes me laugh. Also, younger Evan Peters was in a few episodes.


6 thoughts on “Kim and Jane: 5.5 “Family History”

  1. Holy shit, Phil of the Future! I think I saw a few episodes of that, I can’t really remember it very well though. What channel was it on? Disney? I used to love Codename Kids Next Door and Teen Titans. Anything with action, really!
    That scene was very cute, aw ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember Phil of the Future being on TV, but I never remember watching it. 😮 I mostly watched Kim Possible (and I was probably too old to be watching that, too XD). I agree with Twinny, it was a cute scene. I also love Kim’s intangibility–it’s so handy!

    Liked by 1 person

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