Phil and Keely: 1.1 “Introductions”

Hello and welcome to this blog, new readers and people-who-honestly-don’t-know-how-you-got-here-but-you-like-sims-so-you’ll-give-it-a-chance.  🙂

This is the *new* home of my random legacy, following the random legacy challenge found here. I was previously on blogger, until I got really annoyed with it.

Since part of my marital status is a couple, I went ahead and made both of them instead of going through the torture that is legacy spouse hunting.


Here they are, Keely and Phil. They are named after one of my favorite TV couples from Phil of the Future. I freakin’ love that show. And because I am uncreative love it so much, they also have the last name from that show, Diffy.

And this legacy will not exactly be a rainbowcy. I do not have colors planned out but I will be filling their town with colorful Sims just for fun.Screenshot-14

Here is their house. I based it on this house, so that’s why it looks decent. If I were just trying to build from the top of my head, well…I’m just not the best builder.

Phil: “Hey, I’m in this shot!”  😀

Yeah yeah, I couldn’t avoid you. I’ve decided that I will reveal my random rolls kind of as they happen on the blog because I think it will be more fun for you, the reader, that way.  🙂


Just wanted to be informative and show you the town. This is Sunset Valley, edited by Magic_Dancer (thread here). I really like it because the town was empty so I was able to add lots myself. It’ll be cool to see the town grow.


This is the Diffy house.

 Not much at all yet. Since the secondary income is as a mixologist, there is the bar.

 And here is the view from the bar, with a drum chair because ohmigosh they can sit on a drum!

 Keely: “Mom always said don’t sit on drums. Well, what now?!!”

We sit on drums.

 The primary income is in the journalism career. Originally Phil was to be the founder and take the primary career, but if you have seen Phil of the Future you know that Keely was a reporter so that is why Keely gets the journalism job.

 Keely: “I promise you, dear readers, I will not let you down. I will find the scoops, dig out the dirt, make the connections, that matter to YOU!”

I have not introduced Keely yet, so this seems a good time to tell her stats. Traits: dramatic, friendly, great kisser, perfectionist, schmoozer. Lifetime Wish: Star News Anchor. Favorite color is pink.

 Karen: “Your hair looks like a YETI!”

This is the lovely Karen Shmingle, made by chenmn123 (here she is). I just made her green.

 Keely: “Hey, I wasn’t bothering you! Why you have to be up in my face?!”

 Keely: “Listen, I just moved into town, and I don’t want any trouble–”

 Karen: “Why are you so booooring?”

Keely:  ,:(

 Karen: “Now me, I got a house up near the sea, nice neighbors I’m sure–”

Keely: “Hey I live on the street next to yours…” *wishes to be friends*

Karen: “Well nice to meet you, neighbor!”

 At home, Phil is working on the mixologist skill so he can bring in that secondary income.

Phil: “Ugh liquid in my face!”

 Phil: “Hey! I got this.”


Phil: “Oops.”

I haven’t introduced Phil either, so here you go. Traits: ambitious, computer whiz, friendly, hopeless romantic, neurotic. Lifetime Wish: Super Popular. Favorite color is orange.

 Keely and Karen: *are friends now*

 Sue Scotch: “Aaaaaannnnndddd…”

 Sue Scotch: “Crrrrraaaaashshsshsh and burrrrrn!”

Oh, random heckles since installing Showtime.

 Then Keely went to the library to work on the writing skill. This is an awesome library BTW. I found it on Mod the Sims (here).

 Phil: “I wanna get married.”

 Phil: “To that woman right there! Hey baby!”

Keely: “I’m off to work, Philly!”

Ew, Philly. And I only made them fiances in create-a-sim because I wanna see them get married!

 Well, get down to the beach, it’s wedding time!

Phil: “Gotta check the sink first!”

Um, Keely already got off work and is down there…

 Keely: “Where is Phil? I’m calling Karen.”

 Keely: “Hey girrrrl I’m getting MARRIED.”

 Keely: “Yeah the house is doing well, could use some more decoration though.”

Phil: “What? The house? I checked the sink this morning. Huh?”

 Keely: “Oh, Phil.”

 I like that from this angle it looks like he’s holding her waist. But he’s not.

 Phil: “Keely, you’re so pretty.”

 Keely: “Aw Phil, let’s get married.”

 Phil: “Well I do have a ring here.”

 I like these pictures too much!

 Keely: “Ohhh weddings always make me cry!”

 Keely: “I’m so happy!”

 Keely: “My Philly.”

 Phil: “Aaaaahhhhhh!! We’re married!”

 Keely: “…um…I still love you…”

 To celebrate, they went down to this coffeehouse, which I actually built.

 They had some pictures made.

 Uh, and other stuff…

 Then this bartender kept making Keely sing karaoke with him.  >:I

 As Phil was moonlighting.

 Phil: “Hmmm there are no customers but I still make money!”


 I love the photo booth pictures!

 Phil was moonlighting again the next night. That bartender kept chatting him up because the shop was empty once again.

And they brought home another souvenir from the photo booth.

Next time: The Diffys have a baby!


4 thoughts on “Phil and Keely: 1.1 “Introductions”

  1. Finally getting around to reading this, after you left all those likes on my blog. Liking the start – the random rolls will definitely add a different dimension to the normal legacy. And totally with you about building from house plans – I do the same thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, no pressure really. But I appreciate you reading. 🙂

      The random legacy has been really fun! I’ve done a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t normally, and it’s fun to do something different each generation.

      I’ve never been a builder. Floor plans or even just pictures help so much!


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