Sansa: 9.10 “Poisoned Apple”

Last time with the Diffys, Princess Carolyn was born! Sansa also demanded a cat while she was pregnant. This time…


Sansa is finally getting her cat.

Sansa: “So where is the little guy?”

Social worker: “Oh, he’s downstairs.”


Sansa: “Really? Leaving a cat that can’t operate an elevator downstairs.” *grumble*


This is the newest addition, Cuddlywhiskers Diffy, named after Cuddlywhiskers from Bojack Horseman. He has traits! But I never remember the pet ones.


Sansa greets the little kitty and brings him upstairs.


Cuddlywhiskers likes the other pets. And with the naming theme decided, I named the crow Bojack, the cockatoo Mr. Peanutbutter, the catalina macaw Todd, and the sixam Diane.


Don’t kill them. Also, I’m not sure exactly how, but Bojack has disappeared. I was keeping him in the nursery on the bird perch, and he could fly around, so I guess he flew out the door in Princess Carolyn’s room?


Good news for Gloria as she is still with Russell and they’re married now.


Is Princess Carolyn okay under there?


Lol, fail.


Clean baby!


Time for a party as it is Sansa’s birthday. Hi, Eddy!


Gemma is showing her adventurous side.


Or perhaps avoiding seeing her boyfriend’s family?

Gemma: “No, family get togethers with the in-laws are so fun; that can’t be it.”


You’re getting invited in anyway.


You look so annoyed.

Daenerys: “Where’s the food?”


Nik’s here, too! Still in beast mode.


Alex invites his father-in-law-in-law to play dominoes.


Back inside, Danny goes into labor because of course she does.


Leo’s son/Kathy’s father Douglas freaks out.


Gemma: “I don’t think I want kids.”

Theon: “Agreed. They’re monsters anyway.”


I told Alex to escort Daenerys to the hospital, but she’s wasting no time getting to the elevators.


These two are most helpful.


Alexander: “Hold that door!”


Alex got Danny to the hospital and had her rushed to the maternity ward. Deshaun meets them there so Alex is free to head back home.


They had a baby boy.


The delay that Danny’s labor caused gives Chloe time to fulfill her “be best friends with Christine” wish. Yes, Christine is the human Chloe has the highest relationship with. She’s even charismatic with pets, meanwhile Sansa’s relationship with the birds keeps going down because of celebrity scandals.


Alex makes it back just in time.




She is still so gorgeous.


Nik finally transformed back into human form so I could give him his hair back. I call that a success!


Cuddlywhiskers: “Witches be cray.”

Apparently all cats are psychic. And yep, Princess Carolyn is a witch. SPOILERS, Cuddlywhiskers.


Cuddlywhiskers: “The readers should know.”


I can’t stay mad at you.


Princess Carolyn’s birthday is the day after her mother’s.




Uhhh… I LOVE her!


You’re so adorable, I won’t even blend your parents in CAS and replace your genetics.

Princess Carolyn: “Sa-wish!”


Cuddlywhiskers: “Does that dog know she’s a witch?”


Of course not.




Alex needs a stress reliever.


Good thing he’s invited to a party! My Simself’s son Isaac is having a party, and Alex also has a wish to be friends with Isaac, so win-win.


This simply will not do.

Kyra McGinnis: “Take a look at those mantails.”



Kyra: “Hold the phone, he’s hot now.”


Kyra: “How fair is this? I’m still stuck in base game hair!”

Isaac: “I can’t help it if I just had an instant and random makeover from the watcher. Some people are just chosen.”

That base game hair doesn’t bother me as much as the stupid pigtails. >.<


Isaac: “She’s totally into me.”


Awww, I love his doggie!


Alex, what are you doing?

Alexander: “I’m hungry, and I’ve go an apple in my pocket. Put it together.”

That’s a poisoned apple. You poisoned that apple!


Alexander: *noms*

Okay, then.


If this apple kills you, I’ll have to find a replacement to maintain the couple roll. Please don’t inconvenience me.


Okay, he’s just collapsing from exhaustion.


After a few minutes of napping on the floor, I make him get up and go home because his mood is tanked now.

Alexander: “I’m going hooooome!”

Sansa: “Uh, okay.”


Sansa had to pet the doggie before heading home.


And on top of the lackluster party, I found out that the babysitter never made it past the lobby so Princess Carolyn’s mood is also in the tank. Oh, and I really need to cancel the newspaper services.

Babysitter: “Pay me and byyyyeeeeee.”

Next time: Cuddlywhiskers has his birthday and training Princess Carolyn takes a wrong turn.

I have added Christine, Eddy, Julie Supine, and Kathy to the downloads page if anyone is interested. ^^

10 thoughts on “Sansa: 9.10 “Poisoned Apple”

  1. Wow, Theon actually agreed with Gemma on the kids thing. Win-win situation, then.
    Look at Cuddlywhiskers, casually spoiling stuff to the readers. I love this kitty!
    That’s so hilarious how celebrity stuff makes the relationships with pets go down. Sims :’) I can see how my cat/dog would care to read celebrity gossip. They would have to know how to read in the first place! But wait, since Cuddlywhiskers is already a psychic, then maybe she can read, too, and shares stuff with other animals?
    Uh, I’ m glad the apple didn’t kill Alex.
    Aww, Princess Carolyn is a cutie. Wait, have you ever blended the parents in CAS and cheated your way with the baby? SAVAGE XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was hoping you would like their little conversation there. 😀

      Cuddlywhiskers is really paranoid.

      I’m so annoyed because the bird relationships seem to be really hard to build up anyway, and with these scandals they are even slightly in the red. >.< Ha, Cuddlywhiskers is such a sneak I wouldn't put it past him!

      Me, too. I knew I should have just stopped him but I was really curious of what was going to happen.

      I haven't actually done that, but I was really considering it if I wasn't happy with her genetics because she's the only kid this gen. I've had too many clones in this legacy already. xD

      Thanks for reading! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So many fluffy animals in one chapter. Cuddlywhiskers has to much fluff. Btw cat, thanks for the spoiler.

    Princess Carolyn is so cute, and I love her skintone. What a greedy babysitter. Standing outside and still wants money; couldn’t even pick up the papers. Next time Alex should give her poisoned apples, instead of eating them himself. So glad he didn’t die.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really want to have a cat family again, but there are so many pets already. Hmm…

      I’m really happy with Princess Carolyn, she’s turning out great. And, yeah, that babysitter was even more useless than usual. Lol, that’s a great idea actually! It would serve the babysitter right, mistreating Carolyn like that. >:I

      Thanks for reading!


  3. It really has been a long time since you last posted! I’m happy theres a Diffy update again 🙂

    Cuddlywhiskers is adorable! Let’s hope his opinion of his owners won’t be influenced by celebrity scandals! It’s too funny that it happened with the birds XD

    Princess Carolyn grew up beautifully! A stroke of luck, with that one child roll and all 😀 She’s going to be such a cute pink witch with a rainbow cat familiar *u*
    And I’m loving those sneakers on her ❤

    Yay, Gloria found someone who won't break her heart ;_; I'm gonna have to grab some of your sims for populating worlds in the future! I probably won't drop them into Appaloosa Plains (since I'm already playing generation 9 and it feels like a waste adding new sims now) but I'll definitely need them later on! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it feels like ages!

      Seems like you have to spend every waking hour with the birds to build up a relationship. And Sansa has the loves the animals trait, but that doesn’t seem to be helping her out. But it’s easier to make friends with the cats and dogs, so Cuddlywhiskers is fine.

      I’m really happy with Carolyn! She looks a lot like Alex, but I’m fine with having something different, as long as she wasn’t a Sansa clone. Sneakers are from Pixicat! ^^ Kids/tots are so cute with converse.

      I’m really glad Gloria found love, especially since Grace got married and moved out almost immediately after I added them to the town, leaving Gloria in the dust. xD
      Ahhhh you’re on gen 9, too! Can’t believe your legacy is almost over. ;_;

      Thanks for reading!


  4. ” I won’t even blend your parents in CAS and replace your genetics.” Hahahah saying it like it is. so true.
    Also, when you linked to the byyyyeee at first I thought it was going to be a clip of the Van Buren’s saying BYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEE but I’m happy to see Deandra too. I love that show.
    Cuddlywhiskers is cuuuute, and I’m excited for a witch :3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was seriously thinking about doing that just because I am limited to one child this time. But I love Princess Carolyn so it’s good. ^^

      LOL, that was the first little clip I found of just the byyyyyyeeeeee part. XD

      I’m excited too. I can’t wait until she’s a little older and can get into witchcraft. 😀
      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG, Cuddlywhiskers is the cutest sim kitten I’ve ever seen! Look at those colors!! ❤ ❤
    And phew, I'm so glad Alexander is alive after eating that apple. I'm still super curious about him and Nikolas you see, lol! XD
    I love that you named the birds after characters from Bojack Horseman! 😀 (even though Bojack himself got lost, lol!)

    Liked by 1 person

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