Aidan: 6.16 “First Time In China”

Last time with the Diffys, Leslie made her relationship official, Tom met Gwendolyn Marks, and Wanda and Aidan gave their youngest two kids some money to get them started in life. This time…


This is Leslie starting out her last day living in the house. ;_;

She’s showing off the new eye and skin defaults that I added into my game. This is Neiuro’s Mango Smoothie Skinblend and Burnt Waffles’ Sarhra Eyes (I also just found out through searching that there is an update to those eyes so I will be switching to that version).


Wanda: “So what’s your plans now?”


Leslie: “I found a nice little house that is very affordable. Right by the beach, on the other end of the street. I’ll be able to make a down payment no problem. Then I want to join politics. I’m going to work from the inside to make the world better.”


Wanda: “I’m so proud of you, Leslie. I think you’ll do well.”


This is our new maid, Efraim (no idea why the game replaced our other maid). It appears he’s chosen to take advantage of working at a house with a pool.


And I guess this isn’t his first time using our diving board…


Tom: “I’m going to win!”


Gwendolyn: “With a head start, you cheater!”


Oh, yeah, Aidan fulfilled his LTW!


Before Leslie can go, she must watch one of the cats die. This is Sally’s passing.


Tammy 2 mourns her.


Tom: “Leslie! So do you agree with my idea for a vacation? I really want you to come with me.”


Leslie: “Of course I’ll go with you. As if you can be trusted to go travelling around the world by yourself and have all the fun. No way.”


Okay, another cat death. I guess I really messed them up by changing the lifespan. I mean, my Sims have a 90 day lifespan, so how is it that cats live 50+ days? Main reason I was annoyed with them was because they wouldn’t take care of themselves, but now on my new computer they are suddenly perfect saints who are always in the green. Whoops.


Oh yeah, back to the death. This time it’s Mushi.


Sorry, Mushi. I also just noticed Tammy 2 sticking her head into the picture.


We got invited to a pool party at Kim’s house. Awesome!


Tom spends his time running laps around the pool. A bit too close to the edge, but no lifeguard to blow a whistle at him.


And Tom finally got to play a trivia challenge (which was one of few options with Kim because apparently a 3-star celebrity is too good to talk to their own grandchildren).


And she won because obviously she knows more useless facts than Tom.

Tom: “You are one of the few people whom I won’t berate the ignorance of.”


Kim: “What? Stop staring at me.”

But you’re so cuuuute.


Kim also interviewed Wanda while they were there. I didn’t know that townie Sims could do this autonomously.


Then Tom ditched the party to meet Gwen.


Tom: “I’ve been wondering if maybe you like me? Since we spend so much time together…”

Gwendolyn: “I don’t know if I could make it any more obvious, so yeah.”

Tom: “Cool.”



Tom: “Me and my sister have been planning this trip for a little getaway. Would you like to come with us?”


Gwendolyn: “That sounds so cool! But if we take this trip, does that mean we’re dating?.”

Tom: “Well, it would be awkward if we weren’t. So, yeah.”


Gwendolyn: “Cool. Boyfriend and girlfriend.”

(I kind of think it’s cute that he’s kissing her forehead because of the uneven ground lol)


After Tom invited Gwen, it was quickly decided that Harrison should also come along. Shang Simla, China was the destination in mind, with Tom and Gwen wanting to learn more about martial arts, and Leslie and Harrison appreciating the historical significance.


Leslie and Harrison spent their time relaxing at spas and reading books (especially Harrison since he tried to stay indoors as much as possible).


Tom and Gwen’s interests were in learning new skills…


…and some sightseeing.



Gwendolyn: “Excuse me, Mr. Diffy, but do you presume to sleep with me?”

Tom: “No, I only presume that we both want to sleep in the nicest bedroom at this lodge.”


Gwendolyn: “Don’t lie. I saw that you have protection in your bag.”


Tom: “Look, that is not–I mean, I don’t expect you to–I mean, that’s just in case.”

Gwendolyn: “Okay, enough. We should do it.”

Tom: “You want to?”

Gwendolyn: “Of course I do. I’ve never done it before and I want to see if sex lives up to what everyone says. So why not with you?”

Tom: “Okay, you’ve convinced me.”


Tom: “I love red.”

Gwendolyn: “I know.”



In the morning, Tom and Leslie meet at a park:


Tom: “So I have something to tell you.”

Leslie: “Yeah, me too. Harry told me he’s a vampire.”


Tom: “A vampire? I knew you wouldn’t attract someone normal. Your boyfriend is delusional!”


Leslie: “He showed me his teeth. He can make them sharper and longer at will. It might be true. I’m not sure if this is a relationship dealbreaker for me.”


Tom: “It might be true? Did he suck your blood?!”

Leslie: “No, Tom, he did not suck my blood.”

Tom: “Yeah, because that would be ridiculous.”


Tom: “This is so typical. Here I am about to tell you that I had sex for the first time, and you jump the gun with this sh*t. Now how is anything I say supposed to be impressive?”


Leslie: “Sorry, it just happened.”

Tom: “Sure, sure.”

Leslie: “So that’s why Gwen wanted to sleep in…”

Tom: “Uh-huh. Anyway, it’s about time we packed for the return.”

Leslie: “You’re right. Harry is acting all weird now. Let’s go home today.”

Next time: The official start of Tom’s generation!

Note: The trip was done in a separate save just for the fun of it.


12 thoughts on “Aidan: 6.16 “First Time In China”

  1. Your sims look so pretty with the new skin and eyes. I, too, use Sarhra’s eyes- contacts, I mean- and really love them. I also occasionally use Romantic Eyes 2.0 by Pralinesims, but that’s pretty rare.
    Wow, Tom and Gwen are sure moving on quite quickly, but at least no one forced anyone to anything and they both wanted it. China is pretty, I was there a few weeks ago to finally get it all done with Gemma’s LTW as you know.
    I can’t wait for Tom’s generation!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. This is my first time using a default skin. I don’t like ones that look too shiny, but I think the one I found is really nice. Oh, I will have to check out that Pralinesims one.

      Yes, they did move along pretty quickly, but as you said I wanted to make it clear that neither of them felt pressured and they both had a good time with it.

      China is really pretty! It’s the only vacation spot I’ve explored in since I haven’t had World Adventures for very long.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Leslie looks great! Those eyes are beautiful. 😀 Sad she’s leaving though. ;_; Of course she’d go into politics! Leslie is the best.

    Nice to see Kim again, event though she’s apparently a stuck up celebrity. XD

    Oh wow, Tom and Gwen going out of the country! Without parents! That can only end one way…ah yes, there it is. That is kind of a romantic atmosphere, though. Good for them, and good for Tom for being sensible.

    I bet Tom’s generation is going to be fun! He seems really fun. I like him a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I really like Leslie, she was second behind Tom.

      Yeah, celebrities are so annoying. xx

      Lol, I love that you were predicting it. Yes, this is what teens will get up to when they don’t have parental supervision. You’re right that it was a romantic atmosphere; I would certainly be swept off my feet!

      Yeah, I’m having a lot of fun playing his generation, which I didn’t expect, tbh. His rolls are not great, but not bad, either. I didn’t think I’d like playing it as much as I do. Glad you like him. ^^ Thanks for reading!


  3. The new defaults look great.

    Two cat deaths in one update. That’s bad. Interesting that Tammy 2 seems to be hiding behind death though. Like she was worried that she’d be taken instead. Are you planning on giving the cats longer lifespan now with the new computer?

    Harry hasn’t told Wanda he’s a vampire until they were on vacation. Tsk tsk Harry. Hope they stay together. I assume no teenpregnancy since he’d taken protection with him. Why did he tell his sister that they slept together? Isn’t that a bit strange? On the other hand, they’ve grown up with a Wanda in the floor, so…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. ^^

      Yes, it was actually sad once I realized how much better they were doing. Tammy 2 may be a bit worried about it, especially in the next chapter, too. I don’t plan on changing the lifespan again unless I adopt more cats. I will have to think about it.

      Lol, I think he finally felt like it was the right time since them being on vacation shows that maybe their relationship is getting more serious.

      No teen pregnancy! He told his sister because they are BFFs and tell each other everything. I just wanted to show how close they are. Yeah, I wouldn’t feel comfortable telling my siblings about that, at least not right away, but he and Leslie are just close like that.

      Thanks for reading!


  4. Oh my gosh, your new graphics are awesome. Your sims look even prettier!
    Leslie going into politics is perfect. Her vampire boyfriend maybe not, we’ll see if they stay together after that bombshell haha.
    Poor cats ;_;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. ^^ After seeing that things were running pretty well, I upped the Sim detail level to the highest setting.

      Yeah, Leslie is so goody-goody, but it fits. Unfortunately, in the game Harrison is in the criminal career track. He has the lifetime wish to be a firefighter, but since that is an Ambitions career he can’t really do that as a townie.

      Yeah, poor cats. ;_;

      Thanks for reading. 🙂


    1. Thanks! I am pretty happy with them.

      Gwen is very pretty and she is a lot of fun to play, too, since I haven’t explored martial arts before!

      On to the next gen! I’m so happy that I can move things along quicker now!


  5. Yeah I just started using the Sahara eyes too, nothing else I tried looked as good on my Sims. I wonder what Cinnamon Bun would look like with the new default skin you’re using?
    Tom and Gwen are super cute, but did you put them in a separate save so you wouldn’t have any corruption later?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those eyes are really nice! Simple but pretty. Now you have me wondering what all my previous gens would look like! I really need to reupload them, so I’ll have to go in game to get pictures and see their faces again with my new defaults!

      Yeah, that trip was done in a separate save. I’m kind of scared of travelling since I’ve heard of a lot of things that can go wrong, but I’m still curious about what they can do in China, Egypt, and France. I’m going to be exploring all that with a sim in a separate save.

      Thanks for reading!


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