Salem: 4.3 “Just Ask”

Last time with the Diffys, romancing with Salem and Maura continued, but Salem did not yet get a chance to pop “the” question. Also, Cinnamon Bun had two near-death experiences in a row! Luckily(?) his unlucky self was spared by Grim. This time…


Salem and Loki are getting along really well. Loki calls all the time, so I think he just likes Salem a lot. His own son, Jonah, is a diva, which I can’t see Loki being too happy about.


 Family picture time!


  Salem: “Hmm, we need some drinks for Dad’s ‘look ma, I’m still alive!’ party.”


 Yes, C.B. decided to throw a party as a celebration of his not-death.

Loki: “Really? You invited my wife? Now why did you have to do that?”

Deep down, you two love each other. Really, really deep down.


 Cinnamon Bun: “Ok everyone, I know we’re all hungry, but I just wanted to say a few words before we eat.”


 Cinnamon Bun: “Dying–twice–has really given me a new perspective on life. It’s taught me to value the people–”

*loud alarm bells*

Cinnamon Bun: “Aw raspberries, I’ve got to go take care of a fire.”


 Saving toddlers is a pretty good reason to leave your own party. Good luck! Er, never mind.


 I don’t think they want to eat without him, so the guests are trying the drinks instead.


 Cinnamon Bun: “That didn’t take long at all!”

You want to give a speech now?

Cinnamon Bun: “Nah, now I’m too hungry. Just having everyone around is what’s important anyway.”


 Emily: “Good luck, sweetie.”

Salem: “Thanks.”


 Play something romantic, Jenny.

Jenny: “I’m on it.”


 Ashley: “Hey Mr. Diffy, you up for a game?”

Cinnamon Bun: “Against you? Yeah I’m up for it.”

Circe: “I don’t know, Diffy. He’s young, and he’s more used to juice than you are.”


 Cinnamon Bun: “He’s been trying to walk over here for the past twenty minutes. I’m good.”


 Ashley: “Woo, I got a little stuck there. Oh wait, phone call; can’t play.”


 Ashley: “Anyway, I might have to leave soon. This was a great party though.”


 Ashley: “Yeahhhh…”

Just face it, Ashley; you got scared of losing to C.B.!

Ashley: “Ahhh…rain check?”


 Salem: “Maura, I love you.”

Jenny: “That is so sweet!”

Bye, Jenny!


 Maura: “I love you too. I’ve got to go though; it’s getting late. And you’re acting a little strange, so just call me tomorrow when you feel better.”


 Salem: “Um…well this is just…awkward.”


 Emily: “Ophelia Nigmos? It’s so nice to meet you.”


 Emily: “I’ve actually been wanting to ask you about your…aunt. Is that right?”

Ophelia: “Olive Specter was my aunt, yes.”

Emily: “She was kind of infamous around here…”


 Ophelia: “Olive was…well, she conducted many experiments. She was very interested in the crafts of Voodoo and Hoodoo. She was also trying to cultivate a cow plant in our garden, but they aren’t built for this climate. And then there was Ripp Grunt. I know that he would tell you that he was always in full control of his faculties, but…I guess I’ve learned that you can’t always trust what your body and mind are telling you.”


 Ophelia: “I really shouldn’t say any more. Yes, I am paranoid. Anyway, you should be able to ask her something yourself. You would have to visit her grave to do it. It’s true, she is no longer ‘alive’, but I think you could at least try. Sometimes even the quietest people become most chatty in the after life.”

Emily: “Oh.”


 Emily: “You’re telling me that I can talk to a ghost?”


 Ophelia: “No, I’m telling you that I have talked to ghosts. I suppose that doesn’t mean that they will talk to you, but you shouldn’t underestimate even the dead. Especially the dead. They will come to you when you least want them to; when you are tossing and turning at night, already worried about that geometry test, you will hear a clatter from the kitchen and know that they are in the house. Your mother’s voice, warning you to play safe in the yard, terrifies you because she has been dead for ten years.”

Emily: “Ophelia, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to disrespect you. Obviously you know a lot more than I do about these things.”


 Salem: “I’d like a drink.”


 Ashley: “Me and Bridge are engaged now.”

Salem: “Seriously? How did you ask her?”


 Ashley: “Oh, y’know, long walk in the sand. I got down on one knee and she didn’t believe I was really asking her until I pulled the ring out of my pocket. It was a big stone too; I’ve been working extra hours at the police station.”


 Salem: “Wow, I didn’t know she wanted to get married.”


 Ashley: “Well, you did it. Distracted me just enough to win this game.”

Salem: “Hah!


 Salem: “Hachacha!”


 Ashley: “And how much juice have you been drinking?”

Salem: “C’mon, Ash! That’s the victory dance, I have to do it!”


 Salem: “I’ve been wanting to ask Maura a long time myself. I think I’m gonna go over to her house right now and finally just do it!”

Ashley: “What? Salem, you’re drunk! It’s three in the morning, she’s not gonna want you to go over there!”


 Salem: “Ok, buh-bye Ash! I’ll see you at my wedding.”


Ashley: “This is just stupid, but I’m leaving now. Please ask her tomorrow, ask her any other time! I don’t want her to reject you.”

Salem: “She won’t, Ash. Bye!”


 Maura: “I’m getting the door! Everyone can calm down now. Salem? What are you doing here? It’s really late, or, early.”

Salem: “I just really wanted to talk to you. Can I come in?”

Maura: “Yeah, let’s go in.”


 Maura: “I still feel a little tired from the party. Your dad sure knows how to throw one.”


 Maura: “Salem? I thought you had something you wanted to say?”

Salem: “Uhh…”


 Maura: “Are you ok? These past few times I’ve seen you, you have been acting really odd. You seem nervous.”

Salem: “I–well I am nervous.”


 Salem: “It’s just that I’ve been wanting to ask you this, but I can never seem to get the words out.”

Maura: “Salem, you’re touching my–”


 Salem: “S-sorry!”

Maura: “It’s ok, really. You just didn’t seem aware of it.”


 Salem: “I didn’t mean to do that. What I am trying to do is get this box out of my pocket.”


Salem: “There’s a ring in the box. I bought it for you.”


 Salem: “And now what I’ve been trying to ask you is: will you marry me?”


 Maura: “Yes! Yes, I will.”


 Maura: “Wow, it’s beautiful.”


 Maura: “Salem, this is amazing!”


Corrine: “What’s with all the noise? Charlene has school in the morning!”

Maura: “I guess you should go.”

Salem: “Sounds like it. I’ll call you tomorrow.”


 Aww, Harvey died; that’s actually pretty sad.


 Salem: “Breakfast!”


Salem: “Now I’m ready for work.”

 That was the perfect preparation for Salem’s first day of work.


 Emily decided to have a girl’s night with Maura at Rodeo-Go-Go.

 Maura: “Mrs. Diffy! I’m glad you invited me out; working at the hospital can be stressful, so a night out should be fun.”

Emily: “It’s no problem; I really would like to spend more time with you before you and Salem get married. And remember, you can call me Emily.”


Horse: “Neeeeeiiiiiigh. Wait, really? Is that all you can think of for me?”

You’re lucky I even used this picture.


 Back at home, C.B. spends his alone time cooking.


 Cinnamon Bun: “No, I can’t go on a date. I’m cooking!”


 Emily: “It would really be nice if someone would get these places around town in nicer conditions. Half the time the staff isn’t even here! Some organization is needed in this town.”

Maura: “Wow, that’s actually a really good point. Buy these properties, get them in good working order, and then people actually might want to go out on a Friday night.”


Emily: “Since you and Salem got engaged, how are the wedding plans going?”

Screenshot-100Maura: “My mother has been in fits. She wants to turn this into a huge affair to show the town that the Beakers are better than everyone else. If I have any say, I’m going to rush this wedding out fast; so fast that she won’t be able to get her hands into everything.”


Emily: “Hmm. If you need help let me know. I don’t think I can stop your mother, but I could start something myself.”

Maura: “Thanks, I’ll let you know if anything comes up.”

Emily: “Want to try some pool?”

Maura: “Sure.”


 Emily: “Have you played before?”

Maura: “Only a few times.”


 Maura: “Ack!”

 Emily: “Are you ok?”


 Maura: “Yes, I just…uh…tripped on my own foot.”


 Emily: “Oh, are you clumsy?!”

Maura: “Yeah. Don’t make fun of me.”

Emily: “Of course not, I didn’t mean anything. I’m clumsy too!”


 Emily: “I’m sorry. Here, watch this! It’s a cat wearing a shark costume!”


Maura: “Aww so cute.”

And now…Salem and Maura’s wedding day has arrived.


 Emily: “Maura, how are you? Ready for the day?”


Emily: “Your mother is…oh. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”


 Salem is working nightly now, so he needs a nap.

Emily: “I’m gonna head down to the venue. Maura wants me there to make sure her mother doesn’t try to hijack the wedding. I think she’s a little paranoid.”

Cinnamon Bun: “Ok, see you there. I’ll wake Salem in a few minutes.”


 Emily: “Let’s see what we have here. Family of the bride is a check.”


 Emily: “Food is a check.”


 Emily: “Salem has arrived. Check.”


Emily: “Maybe she won’t be a problem after all. But where is…?


Salem: “Maura’s late.”

Not trying to be late

 Really? On the night when I most need her!

Maura: “It’s not my fault! I want to be at my wedding!”

I know, Maura.


 Maura is eventually unstuck.

Maura: “Whew, I’m glad to walk again.”

Deer: “Stomp around and have wild parties on precious nature is more like it.”


 Emily: “Maura! Ok everyone can stop panicking; she’s here.”

Maura: “I had…problems. Let’s do this thing.”


 Everyone can take their seats now.


And the bride is down the aisle.

 Ami: “Maura really had to have her wedding in the fall? It’s freezing! Oh cry!”


 Circe: “Really? Did you really have to invite my husband?!”

He is the father of the bride…now please take a seat.


 Cinnamon Bun: “Hey Salem! Congratulations!”

Salem: “Dad, please.”

Screenshot-176 - Copy

 Maura: “At least both of our parents are being equally embarrassing.”

Circe: “Hahaha!”

Screenshot-178 - Copy

 Circe: “My dear, sweet daughter who just happens to loathe me is taking her vows! What a precious moment.”


 Emily: “You’re right, Cinnamon, these chairs aren’t very comfortable.”


 Emily: “I just wish Maura could have gotten some more flowers. This desert climate isn’t accommodating for many types of flowers.”

Cinnamon Bun: “You are so right! Roses are too cliche though, I’m actually glad she didn’t use any.”


 Emily: “She insisted on using all fresh flowers; otherwise there would be more.”

 Cinnamon Bun: “I do like the slight desert theme, though. They’ve both lived here all their lives, so it makes sense.”


 Emily: “It is a little off though, I mean some of these are a little tropical looking. But honestly for what she was working with and the amount of time, this place is set up very well.”


 Salem: “We can just both admit now that our parents are not fit for public viewing.”


 Maura: “At least your parents are cute.”


And here I will end the first ever Diffy wedding party. I am pretty happy with it. I think the Sims had a good time, so success!

Next time: The Diffys move into a new house and Maura settles into the family!

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